Grey Silo Ventures debuts in the Italian Tech Alliance

Grey Silo Ventures debuts in the Italian Tech Alliance

A new ally for the innovation ecosystem in Italy!

We are proud to announce the entry of Grey Silo Ventures into the Italian Tech Alliance, the association of Venture Capital and investors in Italian innovation, startups and innovative SMEs.

The Italian Tech Alliance through lobbying and advocacy activities, communication, networking, studies and insights is engaged in:

  • Building and maintaining institutional relationships to encourage venture capital and start-up activities in Italy.
  • Producing content to disseminate information relating to the sector and to communicate its most important initiatives.
  • Favoring the encounter and exchange of experiences between various actors of innovation: venture capital, entrepreneurs and freelance professionals active in the world of innovation.
  • Analyzing and disseminating trends and developments that may affect the Italian innovation sector.

The Italian Tech Alliance is the ideal place to build and maintain relationships in the landscape of venture capital and startups in Italy: a network in which we will share information and encourage meetings and exchanges of experiences between various innovation players: venture capital, entrepreneurs and freelancers active in the world of innovation, to stay up to date on all the trends and developments in the Italian innovation sector.

Together, we want to help to create the right environment in Italy for the development of innovation, entrepreneurial activities and research, promoting the development of Italian companies and increasing the awareness of private and public stakeholders on the quality of innovative startups and their role in the economic and social growth of the country.

About us

Grey Silo Ventures is the Corporate VC arm of Cereal Docks Group. With an international focus, we invest in innovative foodtech startups that want to be part of the food technology revolution.