“Revolutionizing Foodtech Through Molecular Farming”. GSV second Position Paper

“Revolutionizing Foodtech Through Molecular Farming”. GSV second Position Paper

The second Position Paper by Grey Silo Ventures, which brings the reader on an exciting journey into the world of molecular farming, where the future of food production is shaped by cutting-edge biotechnology, is now published online.

The publication, by Matteo Leonardi, Roberto Reniero, Francesca Turetta, and Enrico Costanzo, explore the fascinating applications of food compounds produced leveraging plants as production hosta, a burgeoning field that promises to transform the way we nourish ourselves!

In this second Position Paper published by Grey Silo Ventures (read the first Position Paper) you’ll find historical reference to this technology, deep-dives on its target markets as well as the usual comprehensive classification of some intriguing startups operating in the field.

And that’s not all – GSV new Position Paper also takes you on a deep dive into the groundbreaking technology of Molecular Farming with exclusive interviews featuring key players in the field. Their insights and experiences provide invaluable perspectives at the forefront of food innovation.

All the insights are backed with concrete financial data from venture capital, shedding light on the investment landscape in this ever-expanding industry.

The fusion of technical and financial data in our GSV Position Papers is a unique approach to keeping both aspects under the same roof. Our goal is to empower the foodtech community with the knowledge and tools needed for growth and success.

If you are an entrepreneur in the field, an investor looking to share knowledge or simply interested in learning more about Molecular Farming and other groundbreaking technologies, feel free to reach us at: contact@greysilovc.com,

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Grey Silo Ventures is the Corporate VC arm of Cereal Docks Group. With an international focus, we invest in innovative foodtech startups that want to be part of the food technology revolution.