“Sweet Innovators: Paving the Way for the Willy Wonkas of the Future”. GSV third Position Paper

“Sweet Innovators: Paving the Way for the Willy Wonkas of the Future”. GSV third Position Paper

The third Position Paper by Grey Silo Ventures, “Sweet Innovators: Paving the Way for the Willy Wonkas of the Future” is now available online! The paper delves into one of the most discussed and explored food innovations of recent years: cocoa and chocolate alternatives.

Chocolate is a staple in the daily lives of billions, but recent surges in cocoa prices have heightened attention on the crisis affecting the industry and its surrounding controversies. This situation presents a significant opportunity to invest in new solutions.

After the previews we provided with interviews with the founders of three promising startups like ForeverlandPlanet Foods, and Nukoko, it’s time to discover what the future holds for a product loved all over the world.

The publication, authored by Matteo Leonardi, Francesca Turetta, and Enrico Costanzo, explores the innovative alternatives to traditional cocoa that promise not only to maintain the beloved taste of chocolate but also to be more locally sourced and environmentally friendly. These alternatives could potentially reduce the carbon footprint, positively impacting the environment. This can be achieved through a combination of high-tech methods, rediscovering traditional recipes, upcycling local ingredients, and creatively updating them to meet modern tastes.

In this third Position Paper by Grey Silo Ventures, you’ll find historical references to chocolate innovation, deep dives into target markets, and a comprehensive classification of some intriguing startups operating in the field.

But that’s not all – GSV’s new Position Paper also takes you on an insightful journey into the groundbreaking technology of cocoa alternatives with exclusive interviews featuring key players in the field. Their insights and experiences provide invaluable perspectives at the forefront of food innovation.

All the insights are backed by concrete financial data from venture capital, shedding light on the investment landscape in this ever-expanding industry.

The fusion of technical and financial data in our GSV Position Papers is a unique approach to keeping both aspects under the same roof. Our goal is to empower the foodtech community with the knowledge and tools needed for growth and success.

If you are an entrepreneur in the field, an investor looking to share knowledge, or simply interested in learning more about cocoa alternatives and other groundbreaking technologies, feel free to reach us at: contact@greysilovc.com

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